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Required HIPAA Training


  HIPAA training for all health care workers is now mandatory. Anyone with access to patient records must be trained in HIPAA and patient privacy requirements every two years and new hires must be trained within sixty days of their hire date. Also, any vendor who has access to your patient records must have a Business Associate Agreement signed with your company.

The biggest concern patients have regarding their private data is not that their health information will be compromised, but that their PERSONAL information may be stolen and used to commit identity theft.  Patients often express concern that in the doctor’s or lawyer’s office, “there are files all over the place.  Anyone can get to them”.

We certify you and your staff in required HIPAA training and patient privacy rules.  We provide each certified member of your staff with a Certificate proving they completed the program and passed the certification test.  They are each listed in our National Certification Database, which is made available to the Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Health and Human Services upon request.  Your office or clinic will also be provided with a certificate informing your client / patient that your office adheres to HIPAA standards and that protecting their private information is a priority with your company.

The training takes place online, can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and certifies the staff member for 2 years from the date of completion.  The cost for the program is $30.00 per staff member, with discounts for multiple certifications.

After your staff has completed the training, checkout on the “Checkout” page, then go to “Contact Us” and add the staff members names and mailing addresses.  We will mail the certificates to the address you provide.